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About Us

Our Vision

To empower companies of any size to reach their targets by providing tailored, innovative, and sustainable solutions. Our goal is to be recognized internationally as the trusted partner for business development, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Mission

Development means change. This requires a holistic approach to ensure the sustainability of a system’s functionality. Our holistic approach focuses on the combination between working attitudes, organizational processes and IT-Systems according to the corporate strategy.

Our Values

  • Competence and efficiency
  • Adherence to principles and persistence in defending rights of clients
  • Severe observance of confidentiality
  • Rapid solution of tasks
  • Providing of a high-quality service level
  • Timely warning of possible undesirable consequences in dealing with the situation


European Social Simulation Association Society for Organizational Learning International Coaching Federation Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität Cyprus Human Resource Management Association Society for Human Resource Management