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Business Coaching

Business-Coaching is an individually tailored consulting service for the optimal integration of goals and possibilities of a co-worker in his existing or future professional tasks.

For the optimal fine tuning of individual goals and possibilities with the job requirements, the following topics can be addressed and combined if necessary:

Personality Coaching

Personality Coaching is your guide through your times of change. It assists you in becoming aware, getting clear, opening up possibilities, focusing on what you want, learning new ways of doing things, finding solutions, achieving goals, and creating real values and life purpose.

Vision Coaching

Vision Coaching helps to unleash the full business potential. The process of coaching is simply about making a commitment to yourself to strive toward and be in alignment with your highest values while pursuing your dreams and goals. The process will fit your unique style and personality to provide you the desired successful outcome.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a fast emerging technique, a specialized process for helping individuals effectively engage in conflict, to assist individuals to determine what will best enable them to reach their objectives, when it comes to how they manage a specific dispute, or conflict in general.

Motivation Coaching

Motivation Coaching provides a person with a motive to action with positive energy and determination. It’s a state of mind that moves one individual into action. The best way to recharge the battery of your motivation is to create desires. It plays an important role in intellectual, emotional, and professional success and development.

Rhetoric Coaching

Rhetoric Coaching includes among others individual and group professional communication skills, effective presentation skills training to help in winning sales pitches, professional communication skills courses for use in different client-facing situations.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching enables managers and others to communicate, present and influence with increased confidence and natural authenticity. This improves management skills, develops true leadership and enables team effectiveness, helping the team to define its purpose and priorities, understand its environment, identify and tackle barriers to performance, build the team learning plan, grow confidence in themselves and their leader.

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching Programmes help to improve sales performance: High performing B2B and B2C salespeople are seen by customers as part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Every salesperson is unique and sales management coaching programmes enable to motivate and drive the very best performance that each individual is capable of. A result driven balance between Pre-Sales, Sales and After-Sales is the most effective way to win and develop your customers.

Our approach to coaching . . .

  • Helping people help themselves
  • Resource-oriented
  • Result-oriented
  • Confidence as basis

. . . is reflected in our proceedings!