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Production & Logistics

  • Further development of the Sales Strategy for manufacturers of Offset-Print products.
  • Train the Trainer for Trainers responsible for the internal reorganization of a leading Japanese manufacturer of household appliances in Germany.
  • Implementation of Supply Chain Management and Continuous Improvement Process for various manufacturers.
  • Team-Coaching for the sales department of a German manufacturer leading the market of household appliances.
  • Audit of Business Processes for medium-sized industries as well as for a medium-sized manufacturer of innovative communication technology.
  • Interim Projektmanagement of “Lean Manufacturing” Projects for various manufacturers in EU.
  • Time management and Business-Coaching for the management of several service oriented enterprises as well as medium-sized industrial enterprises.
  • Outplacement-Coaching and interviews for several enterprises from diverse EU markets.
  • Spare Parts Management analysis and optimization
  • Warehouse Management analysis and optimization
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) implementation
  • Business Process Management (BPM) trainings for international Cargo Managers