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Finances, Investments, Restructuring

Financial planning is the process of budgeting to allocate the financial resources to meet the business plan objectives.

Our services:

  • Budgeting and Business Forecasting aligned with the Business Strategic Plan,
  • Cash Flow Management,
  • Performance Measurement Systems,
  • Cost Management,
  • Feasibility Studies,
  • Business Plan Preparation,
  • Guidance on implementation of Business Plans,
  • Evaluation of investment opportunities,
  • Creditworthiness improvement,
  • Long-term financing,
  • Loan conversations with the bank,
  • Financial business position analysis.

Merger and Acquisition Consulting Services:

  • Assessment of Management Performance,
  • Organizational Due Diligence.

All our consulting services to improve the Business Financial Performance are offering in collaboration with Professional Accountants.

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