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Major Enterprise Greece Initiatives for the SIAL 2016 International Food and Beverage Exhibition

The ultimate goal is the promotion of Greek gastronomy and quality Greek products in the French market.
Enterprise Greece undertakes a series of initiatives in collaboration with the chef Mrs. Dina Nikolaou in the framework of the largest international food and beverage exhibition for 2016, SIAL PARIS. The ultimate goal is to promote Greek gastronomy and quality Greek products in the French market.

On 15 September 2016, all the initiatives that have already been implemented as well as those that will take place during the exhibition were presented. This presentation took place in Athens, in the framework of an informative workshop on the theme: “Participation in a trade fair, objectives and preparation”, organized by Enterprise Greece, aiming to better inform and prepare Greek exhibitors – exporters.

The CEO of Enterprise Greece, Mr. Velissarios Dotsis, addressed the event, stating that “for yet another year our country will be present at the largest international food and beverage exhibition for 2016, SIAL PARIS 2016, with the participation of 90 exporting companies, which will exhibit the best food products produced in our country. The message of this year’s participation will be “Invest in Taste”, emphasizing in this way the fact that anyone who chooses Greek products is in fact making an investment in taste, quality and essentially in life itself, and at the same time, making a clear call for cooperation to investors and traders in the Food & Beverage sector.”

Enterprise Greece for this year’s SIAL exhibition, in collaboration with chef Dina Nikolaou, has undertaken to promote all the country’s exportable products with a series of promotional activities and events, which were presented in detail by Ms Nikolaou. More specifically, a series of actions will take place at SIAL’s main restaurant, which will operate under the supervision of Ms. Nicolaou and Evi Evane restaurants. In the restaurant, on a daily basis, there will be the possibility to represent the products of the Greek exhibitors through complete tasty proposals. All afternoons there will be activities with the participation of Ms. Nicolaou, but also of famous French chefs, pastry chefs and culinary chefs, who will inspire and create with Greek products in live cooking demonstrations, which will be attended by many French journalists, who have been invited, in addition to those attending the Exhibition and the exhibitors.

Mrs. Nicolaou also mentioned in her presentation that “all this has been going on for a year now, because we have been preparing Sial and all that was going to happen, having done various actions with Enterprise Greece. We have done a series of cooking videos with Greek products, and all of them are playing on the French internet on very big cooking websites, such as RĂ©gal. We had invited famous French journalists, food bloggers and chefs, who came to Greece, specifically to Athens and Santorini, and got to know Greek products and Greek local cuisine, who were fascinated and will help us in all the things we are doing in Paris, at Sial, to promote Greek products.”

Mr. Thomas Poutas, Business Consultant and Trainer
Mr. Thomas Poutas, Business Consultant and Trainer

The educational part of the workshop was concluded with a lecture by Mr. Thomas Poutas, Business Consultant and Trainer, on how to prepare an exhibitor before a major international exhibition, his presentation during it and the steps he should take afterwards to maximize the benefit of his participation. Starting from the basics (objectives, branding, etc.), he expanded on more specific topics, such as Conversation Techniques, cross-cultural communication, etc., that can really make a difference in the effort to achieve a successful presence.

Finally, a brief presentation of Enterprise Greece’s action plan for 2017 regarding the exhibition programme and other extroversion activities was held during the workshop. A similar informative workshop is taking place today, Friday 16 September, in Thessaloniki.